Targeted Services

Credit Recovery
The Credit Recovery program provides eligible students the opportunity to register for required and elective courses and receive credit for successfully completing course requirements. Credit Recovery is offered year-round but student must be registered separately for school year and/or summer classes.

Students must meet one or more of the Graduation Incentives guidelines and be 16 years of age or older to be eligible for enrollment. Instruction is primarily provided through interactive computer software delivered in a lab setting. Off line and home work assignments complete the instructional approach for students.


Armstrong High School (763) 504-8800
Cooper High School ABC Lab (763) 504–8500
Dina Lucas (763) 504-8034

Targeted Services
Targeted Services are programs to help young learners develop academically and socially, allowing them to keep pace with the educational objectives and standards of their grade level. The program serves students in grades 1 through 8 who are eligible under the Graduation Incentives program. Students are recommended by their current school for program participation. They are recommended because they have demonstrated academic performance below grade expectations or have social or emotional factors that may put them at risk of not successfully progressing through school.

Targeted Services can take place before or after school, and during the summer. Students must be registered separately for school year and/or summer classes. For more information about Targeted Services please call your student's current school, or Dina Lucas at 763-504-8034.