Robbinsdale Area Schools

Guidelines for use of cell phones

Here are the expectations for student use of personal electronic devices. These devices must now remain “Away For The Day” and unused for the duration of school. 

We understand smartphones and other electronic devices such as airpods, smartwatches, etc, have become an integral part of daily life, but they can also pose distractions and disrupt the learning process. By implementing these guidelines, we aim to encourage students to fully immerse themselves in their studies, participate actively in classroom discussions, and develop strong interpersonal skills.

Under these guidelines, students will be required to turn off their personal electronic devices and keep them “Away For The Day.” Students with personal technology needs documented in their IEP, 504 plan, or any documented medical need will work with their school administrator on a case by case basis. It is best if personal electronic devices stay at home. However, if a student brings a device to school, they are expected to follow the guidelines of “Away For The Day.” 

If students use personal electronics during the school day, the following process will take place:

1st time: Staff will talk to the student, reteach expectations and notify families.
2nd time: Staff will secure the student’s device for the remainder of the day, reteach expectations and notify families. Device will be returned to the student at the end of the day.  
3rd time: Students will be referred to school administration. Staff will secure the student’s device, reteach expectations and notify families. The device will be returned to a parent or guardian.
Continued behavior: School will schedule a family meeting to discuss and develop a plan to address repeated use of personal devices in the learning environment. 

Parents and guardians, please help us by not texting or contacting your student directly on their personal electronic device during the school day. In the event of an emergency, please call the main office, which will deliver the message to the child as soon as possible. If a student needs to contact a parent/guardian, they can ask for a pass to use the phone in the office.  

We believe “Away For The Day” will contribute to the overall growth and success of our students, and we appreciate your support in implementing these guidelines. Media classes will provide students with digital citizenship lessons, which the classroom teacher will reinforce.