Robbinsdale Area Schools

Health Services

A registered nurse and/or health education assistant are on duty daily at Neill. The nurse is available for consultations with parents, if needed. Please alert the school nurse or teacher if your child has a particular health problem that may affect the child’s learning or functioning at school. When a child develops a fever or other symptoms of illness or receives a significant injury, the parent or other person listed as the emergency contact will be notified. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation home for the child. The child should be picked up as soon as possible.


Students in physical education

Robbinsdale Area Schools Health Services Department seeks to create and sustain a school environment which promotes and supports student health, well-being and academic achievement. 

Students are expected to participate in all activities, including outdoor recess and physical education, unless an order is received from a licensed health care provider. The order must include the reason for the restriction, length of restriction and health care provider signature. 



toni boyden

Toni Boyden
Director of Student Services